Saturday, October 23, 2010

Finding My Way

This blog is the result of a conversation with Mike today.  He and I met on this day two years ago.  And what an amazing two years it's been.  The two of us have been through so much together, both amazingly good and terribly bad.  And we've weathered it all, together.  We make quite the team!

So, we were driving back from my mom's house earlier and we got on the subject of further education.  My own personal experience with further education consisted of a single semester before dropping out and moving to England.  The England thing is a story for another day.  Anyhow, at the time, fresh out of high school, I had absolutely NO clue whatsoever as to what I wanted to do career-wise for the rest of my life.  I felt pressured to make a choice, so I went with elementary education.  I love children.  However, once enrolled and attending college, I .. I just knew I wasn't ready to commit to one single career path without knowing whether that was really what I wanted or not.

So commence my life as a high school graduate/college dropout.  Fast forward to the present day, a little over a month before my thirty first birthday, with a six year old son, and FINALLY in an amazing relationship with the guy I am absolutely certain I wish to marry and beside whom I would adore spending the rest of my days.  Only relatively recently have I finally discovered my knack, my niche, my path, my purpose.  I am ever thankful to Mike for being my rock and allowing me to cry on his shoulder more times than either of us can count, as I worked (and continue to work) through so many (mostly self-confidence) issues.  It's truly amazing what two people can do for one another and themselves when they're both fully committed to making things work and actually, truly caring for one another.

I have had other support as well.  Regina from Romancing Your Soul always has sage advice whenever something is bugging me.  My mother, bless her, has been by my side, supporting everything I've ever done, whether she felt it was "right" for me or not.  I believe she realized a long time ago that her children would be stronger and better off for being allowed to make their own choices as teens and young adults, thereby learning their lessons the "hard" way at times.  That's not at all to say that she didn't "care" about our choices; she just knew better than to "forbid" the very things we felt were right for us at the time. And, she's always been there to help pick up the pieces and support us when things seem to be at their bleakest!  Her husband, my stepdad -- he too is always there to listen, to help and to encourage.  So happy to have the privilege of calling him Dad. :)

It's an amazing feeling, finally knowing I'm on my heart's path, doing the right thing for myself and my family.  This is the feeling that's been missing, the one that's left such an "empty" feeling in my heart these many years past.  Now, it's a matter of believing in myself enough to be patient and allow the Universe to continue to guide me along my heart's path.  Everything is aligning beautifully and though I'm sure I'll still encounter rough patches along the way, I know that I'm worth being loved, supported and encouraged through them, onward toward fulfilling my hopes, wishes and dreams.  And, as my path seems to be leading toward helping others in a similar fashion, I know that YOU are worth being loved, supported and encouraged as well!  Good day and namaste.


  1. Congrats on finally feeling like you've got your life figured out! I have a feeling the universe has great things in store for you!

    I'm a follower now, so I can keep track of your updates. (I found you from MFP site) I would also like to invite you to check out my blog. I'm having a 100th post give-away, so make sure to enter!~

  2. Back to your Disney obsessed days :c) ... Pocahontas. "Listen to your heart and you will understand."

  3. @Alluring Bath: Thank you for stopping by to read my thoughts; I appreciate it! I will check out your blog momentarily. :)

    @Sara: Yep, just had a lotta mental chatter I had/have to quiet before I can truly listen and hear what my heart has to say.