Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010 Memories

Christmas 2010 turned out to be one of the BEST Christmases I've ever had, and certainly an amazing one for us as a family.  On fairly short notice, we found ourselves traveling to Las Vegas to spend Christmas with Mike's father and his side of the family.  I, having never been to Vegas, was quite excited.  Dalton was incredibly excited about flying for the first time, and Mike was absolutely grateful to be able to see family that he had not seen in several years.

We were made to feel right at home as soon as we arrived.  Christmas Eve was spent catching up with family, including my brother and his family (he is in the Air Force and just happens to be stationed in Vegas!).

Amy, Andy, Me, Evan, Mike and Dalton
Michael (Mike's father), Mike, and Shane (Mike's brother)
Christmas morning, we opened gifts, then Mike's cousin took us to Red Rock, where we hiked and took in the sights... absolutely gorgeous!

My favorite photo of Dalton
Mike and Dalton had the opportunity to bond even more throughout our vacation, and especially during our hike.  Mike gave him piggy-back rides over the streams, and they dubbed one another "Poppa Bear" and "Baby Bear".

Poppa Bear and Baby Bear
We went to Circus Circus on the Monday following Christmas Day, where Dalton rode as many indoor amusement park rides as he possibly could, we walked around taking in the sights, and Mike bought me a beautiful dress as my Christmas gift from him.  I feel GREAT in it!
My Christmas gift
We couldn't have asked for a better trip... we made so many memories and loved every second of it.  I feel SO blessed to have had the privilege of experiencing a different part of our country and meeting such great people that I have the honor of calling FAMILY!

I hope YOU had a great Holiday, too!  I would love to hear some of your Christmas/holiday memories... :)


  1. Sounds like a perfect Christmas, Chandra! You deserve it, I'm happy for you. I can't wait to see how awesome 2011 is for you! :)

  2. Sarah, thank you!!! It was absolutely amazing, every minute of it!! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas, too!! I know you and I both will just ROCK 2011, baby and all! Much love, and thank you for your support!! :)