Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Day Shred Round Two: Day 1 Level 1

I took before photos last night.  Measurements too.  I weighed in this morning, before completing Day 1 Level 1.  I was overjoyed to see a 2 pound loss, which put me - FINALLY - under 160 pounds!!  Woohoo!  As for BMI, I'm sooooo close to being out of the obese category and in the overweight category (0.09 "points" to go)!!  Yeah!

Anyhow, on with the start of Round Two of the Shred.  During my first round, I'd never eaten anything before I did the workout first thing in the morning, so I carried on this trend this morning.  No water before starting this time, though, either.

The workout was as intense as I remember from the first go-round.  I started right off with 5 pound weights this time, since I remember the 3 pound weights being a little on the light side by about Day 5, the first time around.  I was beat by the end of the workout.  Wobbly Jello muscles and all.  Felt great.  Until...

I had a cup of water and popped my daily multivitamin.  Oh, my tummy was not a happy camper.  Queasy.  Showered, dried off, dressed.  As I began brushing my teeth, it hit.  The water and multivitamin evacuated my tummy in short order.  Ick!

OK, so, lesson learned.  A little water and perhaps a small bite to eat (Mike's suggestion: half a banana) before shredding.  Duly noted.

On the bright side, I feel cheerier, more alert and stronger today.  For some reason, I find Jillian's workouts pretty darn empowering.  Love it.  I also love that I know exactly which workout I'm doing each morning for the next 29 days, and I'm excited to see the end results.  I'm thinking of giving Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 a try next.

Tomorrow, Day 2 Level 1 + a short run.

Onward with twenty-nine days to go... !


  1. very good....i think you should take ur multi after still shredding hear and there i have ripped but will start it april 1...

  2. I agree. I really know better than to take it on an empty tummy, but I did it anyhow. Won't anymore, that's for sure! Great job on keeping up with the Shred! I'll probably start Ripped on April 10 or 11, after this round of the Shred. :)

  3. You are doing so well chandra! I started with 5 lb weights and it does kick your butt!

  4. Thank you!! It sure does! Day two, today, went better than yesterday. I think I may revert to 3lb weights or no weights at all here and there, to give my sorest muscles a little bit of a break.. :)