Sunday, March 27, 2011

About This Time Alone...

So, I've had a few days on my own.  My lovey had to travel out of town.  It's been... excruciating at times... excruciatingly quiet, lonely, strange... uncomfortable.  I rely so much on him.  I admit that.  However, I'm pretty much OK with being uncomfortable for just a little while longer; I can still stand on my own two feet! ;)

Being completely, madly, deeply in love with this man, and having him return those feelings in kind, has been and continues to be one of the very best experiences of my life.  I've grown so much as a person since meeting him.  I think he'd say the same of himself regarding me, too.  Our time apart has reaffirmed this notion, over and over: I'm a strong person, made stronger by him. <3


  1. You are such a strong couple and this time apart can only make it stronger. I have never seen a cuter couple than you and Mike either (well besides me and Andrew lol) ;) I feel the same way about Andrew and being a better person because of him. Its so funny how much another person can have such an impact on our lives for the better.

  2. Thank you, Ang!!! It is, but it's SO great at the same time. It's such an overwhelmingly amazing feeling. :)