Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Memo to Ego-Mind RE: Worry

TO:  Ego-Mind
FROM: Spirit-Self
RE: Worry

Dearest Ego-Mind:

I'm taking this moment to inform you that worry, stress and anxiety are no longer acceptable uses of our time.  Instead, I shall BE in the NOW, fully absorbed in the present, and I shall use my imagination toward more positive pursuits.  I no longer resist worry, stress and anxiety.  Instead, when it arises, I release it to be transmuted into something much more useful.

It has been said that kids use their imaginations for play, while most adults use their imagination to worry.  I no longer wish to be "most adults".  Worry & stress are such energy-black-holes anyhow, and I deserve a stress-free life!

Most Sincerely,
ME. <3

And there it is, short and sweet, for today.  Update on the Tired of Being Tired! blog issue will be forthcoming within the next few days.

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