Friday, May 6, 2011

Dedicated To My Mom

My sis, my mom, and me :)
Driven, determined and fiery, that's my mom!

When I began my weight loss journey, she was one of the first to jump on board, not only to support and encourage me, but also to better herself and begin her very own journey right alongside me.  I'm so proud of her progress!  How many other grandmothers do you know that can (and does!) tackle 19 flights of stairs regularly and consistently, without giving up or wimping out?!  On her first attempt, she made it 12 flights.  I was impressed!

Her determination extends to other parts of her life as well.  It took her several months to find a new job after she was let go from her previous one, yet she never once gave up.  Now, she has a great full time job that she loves, and while she doesn't get to spend as much time with her family these days, we make the most of the time we do get to spend together.

My mom has long been one of my best friends.  I can talk to her about anything without fear of judgment or finger-pointing.  I've called her up many a time, begging advice where it concerns my own son, or crying on her shoulder about how terrible a mother I felt like I was at times.  She's always there to reassure me that we all make mistakes, yet as long as we're always striving for our best, that's all that matters, and our kiddos' love is absolutely unconditional, just as ours is for them.  I really couldn't ask for a better mother.

Please share what makes your mom special to you. :)

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