Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Fit Pregnancy

This was me, one year ago, at approximately 199lbs:

This is me a little over a week ago, at 149lbs and five weeks pregnant:

Recently, I read this article, amongst others, on the subject of healthy weight gain during pregnancy.  At 149lbs, I'm still considered 'overweight' for my height, BMI, etc.  The general consensus regarding a healthy weight gain during pregnancy for one who is overweight at the beginning of pregnancy is 15-25lbs, all of which should be gained during the second and third trimesters.

With the amount of nausea I've experienced thus far (and yeah, I refuse to take any prescription drugs to alleviate the nausea -- it's natural or nothing for me) eating has been pretty hit-and-miss for me so far.  Foods either taste really great, or I find I cannot stomach them.  A food that sounded great yesterday turns my stomach today.  I can only eat a little at a time or else my tummy takes revenge.  I have to eat small and often or I suffer.  Quite the balancing act!

I weighed in at 150.6lbs at my first prenatal appointment.  A week later, I weighed 149lbs. That was with very little to no exercise, apart from some walking.  Now, before you judge, I have no intention of restricting or reducing my calorie intake while pregnant.  However, I feel I can still safely exercise within my means and energy level, eat healthily and sensibly, and still maintain and/or lose some weight during the remainder of my first trimester.

I've continued to use MyFitnessPal and I've obtained a Prenatal Yoga DVD.  OK, I admit it, I've only done the prenatal yoga DVD one time so far (and really like it!), but I've been using my lack of energy and exhaustion as an excuse to *not* exercise.  Honest, I will change this.  I intend to stay fit and stay within the recommended 15-25lb weight gain.  I cannot do this by slacking on exercise and eating too much.

So, tomorrow morning, I shall drag my exhausted preggo booty out of bed early enough to take a gentle walk/jog before work.  I will begin performing my prenatal yoga DVD with more regularity.  I'm thinking 3-4 times a week.  I will make use of my balance ball and perhaps even our exercise bike.  Because, let's face it, the healthier this mamma is, the healthier this baby shall be!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Life: A Letter to My Unborn Child

Dear Little One in my Womb:

You have my absolute promise that your daddy and I will do everything within our power to keep you safe, nurtured, healthy and loved, forever.  Your daddy and I have desired to meet you since we first began trying to conceive.  We are overjoyed and filled with such gratitude that you have chosen us as your parents, that you have chosen this time to come into our lives, and we look forward to learning as much from you as you will learn from us.

Your big brother, Dalton, is excited to meet you, too.  He will have much to teach you, he will be protective and loving, and I'm sure as siblings you will be both the greatest of friends and each other's biggest rivals.  It will be a beautiful thing, stemming from love and a sense of family and belonging.

How happy and content we are that we get to guide you and watch you grow.  I'm enjoying and savoring every moment of this pregnancy, all the while anticipating the day we get to meet you and hold you in our arms.  You are truly blessed and such a blessing to us and this world.

With love always,
Mommy <3

Friday, June 10, 2011

On Boredom

"Isn't it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive - it's such an interesting world . . ." ~ L. M. Montgomery

L.M. Montgomery was the author of the Anne of Green Gables books.  What an imagination she had!  I came across the above quote today and I got to thinking about just how foreign a concept "boredom" really is to me, when there is literally an endless supply of topics about which to learn, a plethora of experiences to be had and a world rich in beauty, blessings and adventure.

When the phrase "I'm bored" creeps into your mind, it's a good sign that it's time to recharge your imagination!  Instead of insisting on being entertained, one thing we can do is learn to focus on our breath, slowly breathing in and then breathing out fully.  Concentrating on nothing but our breath flowing in and then out again.  This is a simple, yet very effective form of meditation that brings us back to the present moment and to awareness of our body and Spirit. It helps us to still and quiet the mind-chatter so we're better able to access and hear our inner, silent, Spirit self, beyond the ego-mind. It helps us center ourselves so we may be more authentic, aware and responsive, rather than reactive.  It can also lead to inspiration for a new project, idea, plan, goal or direction.

I've eradicated the words 'bored' and 'boredom' from my vocabulary.  Have you?

Good day and Namaste <3

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Bikini and the Ego

~ THE bikini ~
Boy, what a Memorial Day weekend!  We went to the lake and had a nice, relaxing time.  I indulged, and then overindulged.  Not just on one day, but throughout the entire weekend.  Ate when I wasn't hungry, ate even when I was stuffed. Ack!  My justification?  I wanted it.  That was all.  Hello sugar overload!

I'm still feeling the effects of it even now.  I've had major sugar cravings every day since.  My stomach's been upset at me.  I've felt more "foggy-headed" and less like "myself" since then, too.  Less able to think clearly.

Perhaps part of it was the intimidating thought, and then practice, of wearing my bikini for the first time in public.  Yes, I did it.  Big deal for me, not such a big deal for anyone else.  Nobody scoffed, scorned or laughed.  Yet, I felt... somewhat out of place wearing it.  Not because it's not comfortable, because it is.  No, it's more... I'm so unused to baring that much skin, new territory for me.  Scary.

Perhaps I didn't feel worthy of wearing it quite yet, so stuffing my face with food was maybe a subconscious attempt to sabotage all the work I'd done thus far; my ego's attempt to prove to me just how unworthy it wants me to think I am.  Whatever the case, I let myself be led by ego once again.  Dragged down into self-deprecating thoughts and feelings one more time.

Breaking the habit of a lifetime, that's what I'm doing.  Bit by bit.  I don't expect it to be easy, or for it to be "solved" all at once.  I cannot look back over the past weekend with guilt or regret, because... well, that would be ego having its say again and again, wouldn't it?  Yep, no thanks.  I need to get up, dust myself off, get back on track and be even more vigilant of my thoughts and the motive(s) behind those thoughts.  That's it.  Lesson learned.

I'm ready for some more fun in the sun at the lake throughout the summer (with bikini in tow)... now that we're lake-property-owners and all! :-D