Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Life: A Letter to My Unborn Child

Dear Little One in my Womb:

You have my absolute promise that your daddy and I will do everything within our power to keep you safe, nurtured, healthy and loved, forever.  Your daddy and I have desired to meet you since we first began trying to conceive.  We are overjoyed and filled with such gratitude that you have chosen us as your parents, that you have chosen this time to come into our lives, and we look forward to learning as much from you as you will learn from us.

Your big brother, Dalton, is excited to meet you, too.  He will have much to teach you, he will be protective and loving, and I'm sure as siblings you will be both the greatest of friends and each other's biggest rivals.  It will be a beautiful thing, stemming from love and a sense of family and belonging.

How happy and content we are that we get to guide you and watch you grow.  I'm enjoying and savoring every moment of this pregnancy, all the while anticipating the day we get to meet you and hold you in our arms.  You are truly blessed and such a blessing to us and this world.

With love always,
Mommy <3

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