Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Fit Pregnancy Update Number 1

Yes, I am pregnant.  Yes, sheer exhaustion took over my body, as did bouts of nausea, as my body coped with beginning to form new life.  Yes, I've taken it easy on myself.  But, at times, perhaps TOO easy.  Or, maybe I've done just the right thing.  Who am I to judge myself so harshly these days??  I only have to look back at this blog to see how far I came prior to becoming pregnant.

That blog set out my contingent plan to NOT gain any weight during my first trimester.  Well, as much of an ideal plan as that was, it really doesn't take into account 'real life', does it?!  So far, I've gained somewhere in the region of 6-7 pounds.  As much as I wanted to commit to eating healthy, I ate what my body was capable of eating without feeling terribly sick afterward.  I ate when my body was hungry (which has been often, every 2-3 hours), because if I didn't, I felt horribly sick.  I let my body sleep when I knew exercise would be just as good for it, if not even better.  But, I craved sleep!  I muddled along as best I could.

However, now that I'm finally starting to see the end of this week-long sinus infection I came down with, and now that I'm staring the end of my first trimester in the face, I can feel my energy levels increasing.  I've also been feeling less and less nauseous (apart from when I get really, really hungry).  AND, for the past week or so, I've been genuinely missing my jogs and exercise in general.  Not to mention noticing the physical changes in my body where those 6-7 pounds have placed themselves!

So, as many times as I've said it in the past few weeks, I'm truly 100% ready to get back to exercising.  Not as intensely as pre-pregnancy, but I know how to listen to my body, pushing it but not too far.  The plan is to get back to walking/jogging, some kickboxing and to form a regular prenatal yoga routine.

As for the half marathon I'd signed up for on September 24, 2011, I've asked to be moved to the 4-mile run instead.  As much as I was looking forward to my first half marathon, this baby and our health and safety come first.  I will easily be able to handle 4 miles, but I thought 13.1 miles would be pushing it, especially since I've not been training these past few weeks.  AND, this way, I'll be running these 4 miles with my fiance THE DAY WE GET MARRIED!!!  Yes, we set our wedding date for Saturday, September 24, 2011.  We shall run together in the morning and be wed in the afternoon.  :)

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